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Watering Cans, Sprayers, and more

Garden Shop > Watering Cans

Watering Cans  

Galvanized Watering Can    Galvanized Watering Can

• A gardening classic and watering workhorse
• Well-balanced so you can carry two with ease
• An indispensable tool that no gardener should be without

This galvanized steel and brass watering can has a large, 2-gallon capacity, is perfectly balanced for ease of carrying, and has a removable rose that gently showers plants.

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French Blue Watering Can    French Blue Watering Can

Perfectly Balanced Watering Can Lets You Carry 3 Gallons of Water with Ease

• Large-capacity watering can is a long-time customer favorite
• Make fewer trips back and forth between faucet and garden
• Lightweight polyethylene plastic, with a big 3-gallon capacity

A longtime customer favorite, this lightweight yet practically indestructible watering can is perfectly balanced for easy carrying and pouring.

The big 3-gallon capacity saves trips. Removable rose has a stainless steel face plate that comes off for cleaning.

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Garden Sprayers  

Premium Metal Multi Spray Gun    Premium Metal Multi Spray Gun

Premium Multi-Pattern Spray Nozzle

• Adjustable spray patterns
• Soft, non-slip grip
• Trigger lock minimizes hand fatigue

Multi-purpose nozzle lets you choose between soft spray, bubble-jet spray, hard jet and flat jet.

You can also adjust water flow with the turn of a knob. Includes a trigger lock for continuous watering and quick-connect adapter.

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Easy-Squeeze Spray Nozzle    Easy-Squeeze Spray Nozzle

• Hose-end nozzle has easy-squeeze front-pull lever
• 7 spray patterns, from gentle mist to forceful jet
• Durable stainless steel with insulated grip

Our ergonomic spray nozzle has an easy-squeeze, front-pull lever that is four times easier to use than the traditional back-pull lever.

With seven spray patterns, it adjusts easily to handle a variety of watering and cleaning tasks. Use the gentle shower on flowers, the mist setting for seedlings or the jet for cleaning.

In addition to the spray patterns, you can also adjust the overall flow of water. This lightweight nozzle has an ergonomic, insulated grip. Lock-on clip reduces hand fatigue.

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Other Watering Solutions  

AquaCone Watering Devices   Aqua Conesicon

• Waters the root zone, not the weeds!
• Leaves stay dry, reducing blight
• Works in any soil type
• Two colors to choose from: green cones blend into your garden; red cones are more easily found
• Each spike holds a standard 1- or 2-liter plastic soda bottle, not included

Turn your old soda bottles into a super-easy, inexpensive irrigation system. Our patented Aqua Cones watering devices fit 1-liter bottles for light watering or 2-liter bottles to deeply water thirsty plants.

Aqua Cones devices save time over conventional watering, and because they target each plant's root zone, you won't waste water on neighboring weeds.

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