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Self-Watering Planters

Garden Shop > Self-Watering Planters & Containers
Easy Roller Self-Watering Pot, Large    Easy Roller Self-Watering Pot, Large

• Bright, bold colors enhance dramatic plantings
• Built-in casters make these planters mobile
• Self-watering to reduce watering chores and keep plants happy

Bold colors and a high-gloss finish make these 17" pots really stand out.

The built-in casters let you roll them easily — to a sunny spot on the deck, out of the way for a party.

They’re self-watering, too, to reduce watering chores and provide plants with a consistent supply of moisture.

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Terrazza Trough Planter    Terrazza Trough Planter

Our exclusive Italian Terrazza planters offer classic styling with self-watering convenience.

In Italy, where style is everything, these innovative planters beautify residential terraces, side-street cafes, hotel lobbies and public courtyards. This large-capacity Terrazza Trough Planter is often the centerpiece.

Generous Capacity: You'll get extra soil capacity and deep reservoirs not found in their American counterparts. Trough Planter holds 130 quarts of soil and 4 gallons of water.
Unmatched Quality: Rigid construction fends off scuffs and scratches, and they won't fade or bow in the strongest sun or under the heaviest load.
Self-Watering: Water only once a week, thanks to a dual-action system that uses cotton wick and evaporation
Timeless Design: Crisp lines and realistic wood grain, plus a choice of two classic finials, make for a sharp, uniform appearance around your property

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Terrazza Raised Bed    Terrazza Raised Bed

• Combines the benefits of raised bed gardening with self-watering convenience
• Generous size provides 9 square feet of growing area at a depth of 12"
• Grow a productive garden on your patio or deck

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of raised bed gardening, plus the added benefit of watering weekly instead of daily. This stylish planter boasts two 4-gallon reservoirs that keep plants lush and green even in a drought.

Its crisp lines and realistic wood grain look elegant on the patio, but it's tough enough to use in the garden, because it's made of crack-proof, fade-proof polypropylene.

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39    39" Self-Watering Windowbox

• Enjoy long-blooming, wilt-proof flower displays!
• Easy to install under a window or on a railing with included brackets
• Water-level indicator lets you know when to fill reservoir

These Self-Watering Windowboxes let you create a smart, consistent look around your home, while ensuring your plants don't dry out.

They have big water reservoirs that keep soil moist and plants healthy. An easy-to-read water level indicator helps you keep the reservoir full, and adjustable steel mounting brackets allow for wall or deck rail mounting.

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Self-Watering Patio Planter    Self-Watering Patio Planter

• Grow tomatoes, herbs, greens or flowers in any sunny spot
• New rolled rim for easy handling
• 4-gallon water reservoir and patented wicking system
• For easy mobility, add a set of optional casters, sold separately

With just a few square feet in a sunny spot and a few minutes a week, you can be growing your own fresh and flavorful salads, sweet or hot peppers, edible flowers, herbs or an abundance of colorful flowers.

Our most versatile, self-watering planter features a big four-gallon water reservoir and a patented wicking system, a combination that outperforms garden-grown plants 2 to 1.

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Self-Watering Hanging Basket   Self-Watering Hanging Basketicon

• Attractive hanging baskets with self-watering convenience
• Reduces watering chores and provides a steady supply of water for healthy hanging plant growth

Don't hang your plants out to dry! These Self-Watering Hanging Baskets dramatically reduce watering chores while keeping flowers bright and foliage lush.

A patented dual-action wick system (capillary mat plus evaporation grill) distributes water from a 1-quart reservoir so your plants are never dry, never over-watered.

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Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix, 20 Qts.    Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix, 20 Qts.

• Grow your best organic vegetables and flowers!
• Lightweight potting mix is specially formulated for self-watering containers
• Wicks moisture to roots so plants stay hydrated and healthy
• SuperRoot Booster creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive
• Garden-tested and guaranteed!
• 20 quarts

Start your organic garden off right! A careful balance of natural ingredients gives this lightweight organic potting mix outstanding aeration and water-holding capacity.

Specially formulated for self-watering containers, it offers superior wicking action to ensure plants get the water they need to thrive.

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