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Raised Garden Beds

Garden Shop > Raised Garden Beds
4-in-1 Modular Raised Bed    4-in-1 Modular Raised Bed

Super-Strong, Super-Stylish Metal Raised Bed Sets Up in Four Shapes

• Give your garden a lift with this farmyard-chic modular planter
• A modern and stylish take on galvanized trough planters
• Space-intensive raised bed gardening produces high yields
• Assemble the bed in one of four shapes

A stylish step up from popular galvanized trough planters, this eye-catching raised bed is made from extremely durable Zincalume® steel with Colorbond coating so it lasts up to four times longer than regular galvanized steel.

Assemble the bed in one of four shapes: As a long, narrow bed to tuck in between your driveway and house, as a traditional square bed, or choose from two rectangular shapes.

At 15" high, it’s suitable for all types of vegetables, herbs and flowers and minimizes bending and stooping when you're planting or weeding. Arrange in multiples to create a pleasing and productive garden landscape.

The no-tools-assembly kit includes hardware plus plastic protective edging for the top edge.


• Zincalume® steel with Colorbond coating, plastic
• 15" H
• Set it up in one of four shapes: 4' 9" L x 3' 11" W; 6' 10-1/2" L x 1' 9-1/2" W; 5' 5-1/2" • L x 3' 3" W or 3' 3" square
• Open at bottom
• Easy no-tools assembly
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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4' Cedar Raised Beds   4 Cedar Raised Beds icon

Handsome, Long-Lasting Cedar Raised Beds at Factory-Direct Prices

Raised beds are easy to set up, plant and maintain, producing high yields in a compact space with less digging and weeding. And now you'll find just the right size and shape bed for your needs.

Use raised beds to grow vegetables, or install the beds along a perimeter to create stunning border gardens. You can even build a pyramid garden by stacking smaller beds atop larger ones.

Each bed includes four industrial-strength aluminum corners; 7-1/4" H x 1" rot-resistant cedar lumber that's been precut to the proper lengths, hardware and instructions.

Easy assembly — just slip the boards into the corners and screw them in place. (12' beds use two 6' boards with in-line connectors.)

Because we build these raised beds in our Vermont workshop, we’re able to optimize both quality and cost.

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Self-watering Terrazza Raised Bed    Self-watering Terrazza Raised Bed

A Terrazza Raised Bed for Your Patio Self-Watering Too!

• Combines the benefits of raised bed gardening with self-watering convenience
• Generous size provides 9 square feet of growing area at a depth of 12"
• Grow a productive garden on your patio or deck
• Each of these planters holds 230 quarts

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of raised bed gardening, plus the added benefit of watering weekly instead of daily.

This stylish planter boasts two 4-gallon reservoirs that keep plants lush and green even in a drought. Its crisp lines and realistic wood grain look elegant on the patio, but it's tough enough to use in the garden, because it's made of crack-proof, fade-proof polypropylene.

Nine square feet of growing area; a generous 12" deep so it's deep enough for root crops like carrots. Dual-action watering system keeps plant roots just moist enough without waterlogging them, and a water gauge tells you when to refill.

Includes easy-fill funnel with cover and two styles of finials. Make the planter mobile with optional casters, sold separately (each planter requires four sets).

Product Details
• Made of dense UV-stabilized polypropylene
• 39-1/4" x 39-1/4" x 16" H
• 8-gallon water reservoir
• Holds 9 cubic feet (230 dry quarts) of potting mix
• Easy assembly
• Add optional casters for mobility; each bed requires 16 casters total
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Grow Bed   Grow Beds icon

A Grow Bed is the most efficient square yard of garden you'll ever tend.

The recycled black plastic sides of this raised garden bed absorb heat to warm soil early in the season, then help retain moisture all summer long.

No digging and little weeding required; just lots of delicious homegrown food!

Our new 3' x 6' Grow Bed gives you twice as much growing space, and the new Mini Bed is perfect for narrow areas along a foundation or walkway.

All sizes assemble quickly and have a generous 10" depth.

• Space-intensive gardening produces high yields
• Ideal for small space kitchen gardens
• Extends the growing season
• Choice of 3 sizes

• Earth-friendly, 100% recycled plastic
• All sizes are 10" H
• Assembly required; 3' x 6' Bed requires a drill
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Review from Nature of New England:
We find these grow beds very handy for planting in areas where there isn't enough top soil above the bedrock - a common situation on our property. We also use them for planting blueberry bushes since our soil is not very acidic and this allows us to more easily acidify the soil around the bushes.

Periwinkle Grow Beds   Periwinkle Grow Beds icon

Who says raised beds should blend into the landscape? This one is meant to be seen! The bright periwinkle blue color looks great planted with vegetables or flowers and provides a year-round splash of color that’s especially welcome during the drab days of winter.

Raised beds are the most productive way to garden, and this Grow Bed makes it easy. The interlocking corners snap together in an instant and the rigid sides hold soil without bulging.

We made them a generous 10" deep so they’re suitable for all crops, including root crops like potatoes and carrots.

• Bright blue bed is an attractive addition to your landscape year-round
• Raised beds are the most productive way to garden, with high yields in a minimum amount of space
• A generous 10" deep; ideal for all types of crops
• Choice of two sizes


• UV-stable polypropylene
• Two sizes: 3' x 3' x 10" D and 3' W x 6' L x 10" D
• Assembly required; 3' x 6' bed requires a drill
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Elevated Cedar Raised Bed   Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, 2' x 8' icon

Bring your garden up to a whole new level! Our 2' x 8' elevated bed is easy to plant, tend and harvest without kneeling or bending. Plus, it offers creative landscaping opportunities.

Set up one or more of these rectangular beds around the edge of your patio to add privacy, or arrange several along a perimeter to create a garden "room".

Like our other cedar raised beds, the sides are held in place with our sleek and sturdy aluminum corners.

There's a false floor made of cedar slats, set 10" down from the top, so there's plenty of root space for vegetables and flowers. Excess water drains through the slats; vents in the sides allow air to circulate and excess moisture to evaporate.

• An attractive landscape addition that adds privacy and defines garden areas
• Made from naturally rot-resistant cedar with rustproof aluminum corners

• Cedar with aluminum corners and imported fabric liner
• 24" W x 96" L x 29" H
• 2' x 8' Bed holds approx. 13 cubic feet (329 dry quarts) of container mix
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Copper Cap Raised Bed   Copper Cap Raised Beds icon

According to many experienced gardeners, the ideal raised bed is a trim rectangle, attractive and easy to tend.

Our Vermont-built raised beds are made of durable, rot-resistant red cedar. Copper corner caps further inhibit rot, and give the whole bed a handsome, finished look.

We offer a 3' x 3' size to use in smaller areas or in combination with the larger 3' x 6' bed. Both sizes are 10-1/2 inches deep, perfect for deep-rooted crops.

When looks and durability count, these are the raised beds to use. Hardware included, even matching copper nails for the copper caps.

• Easy assembly
• All hardware included
• Sides are 10-1/2" H
• 3' x 3' bed holds 9 cubic feet of soil; 3' x 6' holds 18 cubic feet
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Raised Bed Corners    Raised Bed Corners, Set of 2 icon

The hardest part of building a raised bed is constructing corners that are square, strong and trim-looking.

Our ingenious Gardener's Supply Raised Bed Corners are brackets that cut building time and result in a handsome, sturdy raised bed every time.

• Made in Vermont by Gardener's Supply
• Choose from 6 heights, each sized to fit standard 2 x 6, 2 x 8, 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 lumber
• Set of 2 - buy two sets to build a complete bed

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