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Modular Raised Bed

Modular Raised Bed

Strong and Stylish Metal Raised Bed Sets Up in a Variety of Shapes

  • Superior corrosion resistance in all climates
  • Aluzinc cold-rolled galvanized and coated steel
  • Generous 15" planting depth
  • 9 possible configurations to fit any space
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

A cut above ordinary galvanized trough planters, this eye-catching, Australian-made raised bed is constructed from Aluzinc powder-coated steel sheeting: it's extremely hardwearing and lasts up to 6 times longer than regular galvanized steel.

Assemble it into 1 of 9 possible configurations: form a simple square bed; create a long, narrow bed to tuck between driveway and house; or go with another rectangular option that's customized to your particular space.

Suitable for all types of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Rolled steel edges come with a clip-on safety strip for the top edge. Easy no-tools assembly.

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Self-watering Terrazza Raised Bed

Self-watering Terrazza Raised Bed

A Terrazza Raised Bed for Your Patio — Self-Watering Too!

  • Combines the benefits of raised bed gardening with self-watering convenience
  • Generous size provides 9 square feet of growing area at a depth of 12"
  • Grow a productive garden on your patio or deck

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of raised bed gardening, plus the added benefit of watering weekly instead of daily.

This stylish planter boasts two 4-gallon reservoirs that keep plants lush and green even in a drought. Its crisp lines and realistic wood grain look elegant on the patio, but it's tough enough to use in the garden, because it's made of crack-proof, fade-proof polypropylene.

Make the planter mobile with optional casters, sold separately.

  • 39-1/4" x 39-1/4" x 16" H
  • 8-gallon water reservoir
  • Holds 9 cubic feet (230 dry quarts) of potting mix
  • Easy assembly
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Grow Beds

Grow Beds

Raised Beds Give the Highest Yield in the Smallest Space
  • Space-intensive gardening produces high yields
  • Ideal for small space kitchen gardens
  • Extends the growing season
  • Choice of 3 sizes

A Grow Bed is the most efficient square yard of garden you'll ever tend. The recycled black plastic sides of this raised garden bed absorb heat to warm soil early in the season, then help retain moisture all summer long.

No digging and little weeding required; just lots of delicious homegrown food! The 3' x 6' Grow Bed gives you twice as much growing space, and the Mini Bed is perfect for narrow areas along a foundation or walkway.

All sizes assemble quickly and have a generous 10" depth.

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Review from Nature of New England:

We find these grow beds very handy for planting in areas where there isn't enough top soil above the bedrock - a common situation on our property. We also use them for planting blueberry bushes since our soil is not very acidic and this allows us to more easily acidify the soil around the bushes. The sides of these beds do tend to bulge out a little from the weight of the soil. For us, the convenience of these beds far outweighs that little issue.

Periwinkle Grow Beds

Periwinkle Grow Beds

Grow Potatoes, Peppers, Melons and More in Easy-Care Grow Beds — Now in Periwinkle Blue
  • Bright blue bed is an attractive addition to your landscape year-round
  • Raised beds are the most productive way to garden, with high yields in a small space
  • A generous 10" deep; ideal for all types of crops
  • UV-stable polypropylene
  • Choice of two sizes

Who says raised beds should blend into the landscape? These are meant to be seen!

The bright periwinkle blue color looks great planted with vegetables, herbs or flowers and provides a year-round splash of color that’s especially welcome during the drab days of winter.

Raised beds are the most productive way to garden, and this Grow Bed makes it easy. The interlocking corners snap together in an instant and the rigid sides hold soil without bulging.

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Copper Cap Raised Bed

Copper Cap Raised Beds

Extra-Deep Cedar Raised Bed has Decorative Copper Corners

  • Raised beds increase yields and they're less work to tend
  • Naturally rot-resistant cedar with decorative copper caps
  • 10-1/2 inches deep, perfect for deep-rooted crops like carrots
  • Choice of two sizes - 3 'x 3' and 3' x 6'
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

According to many experienced gardeners, the ideal raised bed is a trim rectangle, attractive and easy to tend.

Our Vermont-built raised beds are made of durable, rot-resistant red cedar. Copper corner caps further inhibit rot, and give the whole bed a handsome, finished look.

When looks and durability count, these are the raised beds to use. Hardware included, even matching copper nails for the copper caps.

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Raised Bed Corners

Lifetime Raised Bed Corners, Set of 2

Lifetime Aluminum Raised Bed Corners: the Fast, Foolproof Way To Build a Raised Bed

  • Made in Vermont by Gardener's Supply
  • Choose from seven heights, each sized to fit standard 2 x 6, 2 x 8, 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 milled lumber
  • Powder-coated aluminum with plastic caps to keep out water
  • We also offer Rot-Resistant Cedar Boards
  • Set of 2 -- buy two sets to build a rectangular bed
The hardest part of building a raised bed is constructing corners that are square, strong and trim-looking. Our ingenious Gardener's Supply Raised Bed Corners are brackets that shorten building time and result in a handsome, sturdy raised bed every time.

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