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Mulches and Weed Mats

Garden Shop > Mulches & Weed Mats
Pro Weed Mat, 3' x 50'   Pro Weed Mat, 3' x 50'icon

• Professional-grade, woven polypropylene mulch prevents weed growth
• Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots
• Durable; you can walk on it, drag containers over it, even run a wheelbarrow over it without worry

Weeding between garden rows is tiresome work, and most mulches barely last a season, especially if you walk on them.

Now you can solve the problem the efficient, lasting way that professional nurseries do!

• Woven polypropylene cloth
• 3' x 50'

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20-Year Weed Shield   20-Year Weed Shieldicon

Eight independent university tests rated this patented landscape fabric #1 for stopping weeds.

The porous, dual-layer fabric lets air, water and nutrients pass through, yet stifles nearly all weed growth.

• Ideal for use around trees and shrubs, and under patios, decks and paths
• Works with just 2 inches of mulch, saving money, time and labor

• Patented dual-layer material
• Install with black side facing up
• White side provides water wicking action
• Remove highly aggressive weeds from area before installation
• 3' x 50' roll

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Mulch Block   Mulch Blockicon

• Lightweight mulch block hydrates to 2 cu. ft. of mulch
• Mulch helps suppress weeds and conserves soil moisture
• 100% organic, biodegradable and renewable

We’ve all been there: lugging heavy bags of mulch to the car, straining our backs and making a mess.

These dehydrated coir mulch blocks weigh just 9 pounds and are delivered right to your door.

Just add water and in 20 minutes, you’ll have 2 cubic feet of earth-friendly mulch.

Coir has better water retention than bark, and reduces the temperature and moisture fluctuation by 50%. Keeps its rich color, too.

• Each block weighs just 9 lbs, makes 2 cubic feet of mulch
• One block covers 12 sq. ft. at a 2" depth; 8 sq. ft at a 3" depth
• Made from coconut husks

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Biodegradable Weed Mat   Biodegradable Weed Maticon

• Easy, environmentally friendly and biodegradable way to control weeds
• Helps retain moisture and minimizes soil temperature fluctuations
• Will hold up entire season; can be tilled in at the end of the season

Made of 100% post- consumer waste, this paper weed mat is chemical-free and can be tilled right into the soil at season's end.

Ideal for use in the vegetable garden, it can be cut to fit around your plants and helps retain soil moisture as well as keep weeds down.

• 100% post-consumer recycled paper
• 3' W x 50' L roll
• Note: Not intended for use in pathways

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Roc-Kloth    Roc-Kloth - 4' x 50'icon

100% Weed Control with this Fabric Weed Mat

• Chemical-free weed control allows air, water and nutrients to pass through
• Holds up to sharp or abrasive rocks
• Can be used behind retaining walls, too
• Easily cut with scissors to fit
• Fabric only; rocks not included

Roc-Kloth is a super-tough, 3-1/2 oz. polypropylene fabric, specially designed for use beneath crushed stone, gravel and paving stones. It suppresses weed growth while allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through.

• 4' W x 50' L
• Made of polypropylene
• Color of underside is black

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Red Tomato Mulch   Red Tomato Mulchicon

• University tested mulch improves yield and flavor of your tomatoes
• Also warms soil and conserves moisture
• Micro-perforations allow water, air and nutrients to reach the soil

The product that started the 'red revolution,' this remarkable red mulch helps tomato plants grow faster and produce more abundant crops.

Developed jointly by the USDA and Clemson University, and proven effective in tests by a leading consumer magazine, this specially engineered red mulch is an exciting breakthrough for anyone who grows tomatoes.

The red plastic actually reflects far-red light wavelengths upward into your tomato plants. This triggers the release of a natural plant protein that stimulates more rapid growth and development.

Your plants will mature faster, look bushier, and give you a more flavorful, more abundant harvest than ever before.

Also may be used with strawberries, melons, red peppers and other crops that fruit above ground.

Micro-perforations allow water, air and nutrients to reach the soil surface. Not designed for weed suppression. Easy to anchor with Earth Staples, sold separately.

• BPA-free plastic
• 24' L x 3' W
• 1 mm thick
• Made in USA

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