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Jardin Flower Trellis

Jardin Flower Trellis

Affordable Flower Trellis for Clematis and Other Climbing Flowers
  • Classic arched trellis puts the spotlight on climbing vines
  • Can be mounted against a wall, fence or installed freestanding
  • Exclusive Jardin finish is hand-painted to resemble weathered, rusted metal
  • Made from durable and long-lasting powder-coated steel
  • 84" H x 25-1/2" W installed
Some trellises are overly ornate showpieces, not so well-suited to supporting plants. Ours retains the classic lines of Tudor arches, but with a simpler, understated design that showcases your climbing plants.

Open, 4" lattice gives roses, clematis and morning glories plenty of places to vine and twine. Customer reviews rave about the sturdiness of the powder-coated tubular steel and the antiqued finish.

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Essex Tuteur, 63”

Essex Tuteur, 63”

Compact Essex Trellis is an Elegant Accent
  • Classically shaped tuteur trellis
  • Showcases flowering vines and climbing roses
  • Adds drama to small-space gardens
  • 20-1/2" in diameter x 63" H overall
  • Diameter at base is 14-1/2"
  • Powder-coated steel

Planted with compact varieties of clematis, annual vines or climbing roses, this striking tuteur adds vertical interest and creates a stunning focal point in your landscape.

The trellis's clean lines and unique shape let plants take center stage. We recommend securing with Extra Tall Earth Staples, sold separately.

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Bamboo Poles & Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo Poles & Bamboo Stakes

Naturally Strong, Naturally Beautiful Bamboo
  • Lightweight, long-lasting bamboo is ideal for supports and structures
  • A naturally beautiful landscape accent
  • Several sizes to choose from

Smart gardeners know bamboo is strong, lightweight, inexpensive, weathers well and lasts several seasons in the garden. With a few simple tools bamboo poles can be fashioned into fences, frames, arbors, trellises – any structure you can imagine.

#2 Bamboo (3' tall x approx. 3/8" diameter). Use as plant stakes and markers, or as supports for row covers and potted plants. *Out of stock

#4 Bamboo (5'10" tall x approx. 3/4" diameter). An all-purpose size, good for bean tepees and A-frames, trellises, pea fences, and as rails in decorative fencing. *In stock

#6 Bamboo (7' tall x approx. 3/4" diameter). Similar to #4, but taller, for larger plant supports, longer rails, and privacy fences (additional shipping cost for #6). *Out of stock

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Two-Panel Trellis for Vegetables and Flowers

Two-Panel Trellis for Vegetables and Flowers

Two-Panel Trellis for Vegetables and Flowers

  • Support plants off the ground and away from pests
  • Large grid openings for easy harvesting
  • Perfect for flowering vines, too
  • ​Powder-coated steel wire
  • 48" high installed

Use this trellis as a flat backdrop against a wall, or angle it around a corner to maximize space in your raised bed.

Sturdy powder-coated steel panels offer great support for cukes, squash, beans and peas, as well as compact flowering vines.

Folds flat for storage. Generous grid openings make harvesting easy.

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Garden Arches & Obelisks

Jardin Round Obelisk, 7’

Jardin Round Obelisk, 7’

Garden Obelisk with Heirloom Elegance is a Dramatic Freestanding Trellis
  • Add a sculptural element to your garden with vertical trellising
  • Classic style has been popular for centuries
  • Durable and long-lasting powder-coated steel
  • Exclusive Jardin finish is hand-painted to resemble weathered, rusted metal
  • 15-1/2" in diameter x 84" H
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

This obelisk trellis brings eye-catching height to your garden or landscape.

Perfect for flowering vines like clematis and morning glories, as well as climbing roses, it's also an unusual and eye-catching piece of landscape art even when plants aren't grown in.

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Titan Arch

Titan Arch

Large Arch Makes an Impressive Entrance — at an Unbeatable Price!

  • Stately arch is a standout in the landscape
  • Understated design puts the spotlight on climbing roses and vines
  • Extra-sturdy to support large plants
  • A polyethylene coating protects the 3/4" diameter steel tubing
  • 55-1/2" W x 7' H x 12" deep overall
With its generous size, understated design and impressive durability, this 7' high arch forms a sturdy yet subtle backdrop for any climbing plant, including roses, clematis and scarlet runner beans.

Line up several to form an allee over a path. In high wind areas or if covering with heavy vines, we recommend embedding the stakes in concrete.

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Titan Obelisk

Titan Obelisk icon

Superior Support for Prized Climbing Vines
  • Adjustable support rings
  • Polyethylene, tubular steel
  • 19-1/2" in diameter x 90" H
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
Another superhero in our Titan family of supports, this impressively tall obelisk has five rings that snap onto the verticals wherever your vines need them.

Steel cores provide strength and dependability, while the poly casing is gentle to plant stems. Disassembles easily for off-season storage.

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