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Garden Row Covers & Garden Fabric

All-Purpose Garden Fabric

All-Purpose Garden Fabric icon

  • Row covers extend the growing season in both spring and fall
  • Fabric helps insulate plants from chill
  • Can also be used as a barrier to exclude insect pests and birds
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

This is our most versatile garden fabric. It provides frost protection down to 28°F, allowing you to extend the growing season in both spring and fall.

This all-purpose garden fabric also helps prevent transplant shock in new plantings. In cool weather areas, it can be used as a summertime pest control. 70% light transmission.

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Summerweight Garden Fabric

Summerweight Garden Fabric icon

Summerweight Fabric Screens Out Pests
  • Fabric protects your plants from insect pests, cold temperatures and too much sun
  • Thicker and more durable than other lightweight fabrics, yet doesn't cause heat build up
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Ideal for summertime pest control, this garden cover effectively screens out Japanese beetles, potato beetles, cabbage worms, leaf miners, carrot flies and most vine borers.

It transmits 85% of the light to your plants without allowing heat build-up, and it provides frost protection down to 28° F.

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Review from Nature of New England
We use this lightweight garden fabric to cover our seeds after planting. This keeps the birds from getting at them. It also seems to increase the germination rate and helps keep the soil moist. After the seeds germinate and have a chance to send down roots, we remove the fabric and save it for next year.

Maxi Garden Quilt

Maxi Garden Quilt icon

Floating Row Cover Extends the Growing Season
  • Protects plants to 24° F
  • Serves as a windbreak for tender transplants
  • Lets you garden earlier in spring and later in fall
  • Polypropylene non-woven garden fleece
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Designed for use with our 8' Maxi Garden Hoops with Clips (sold separately: see below), this extra-large fabric cover protects plants to a frosty 24° F.

The thick non-woven fabric is ideal for getting your garden started earlier in the spring, keep it going later in the fall, and for overwintering salad greens and tender perennials.

With its 60% light-transmission, plants will get plenty of light to keep them healthy and strong. Creates a 9' L x 5' W tunnel. We recommend using Earth Staples (sold separately) to secure fabric ends to the ground.

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Review from Nature of New England
We use this heavyweight garden fabric, laid down flat, for protecting certain sensitive plants when frost is predicted. Last year we covered our sweet potatoes with this fabric, laying it directly over the vines, and it did a great job of protecting them until they were ready for harvest. (Yes, we're growing sweet potatoes in New England!)

Row Shelter Accelerator

Row Shelter Accelerator

Garden Row Cover Creates a Mini Greenhouse for Earlier Planting — Plants Grow 25% Faster!
  • Creates a warm, protected environment for transplants
  • Plant protector accelerates growth by 25% or more
  • Easy to set up; flattens for storage
  • 45" L x 22" W x 16" H
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive

Garden row covers protect transplants from cold temperatures and chilly winds, so you can set plants out in the garden weeks earlier in spring. You’ll be amazed at how much faster plants grow — which means an earlier harvest!

The top is made from mesh to allow warm air to escape, preventing overheating, and it also lets water in. Made from durable, reinforced greenhouse fabric.

Sets up in seconds; flattens for easy off-season storage. Loops at the base let you anchor it to the ground with Earth Staples, sold separately.

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Super Hoops

Maxi Garden Hoops with Clips

Maxi Garden Hoops with Clips icon

Extra-Tall Garden Hoops Create a Walk-in Tunnel

  • Sturdy construction
  • Clips attach your fabric quickly to frames
  • Set of 3 hoops, 36 galvanized clips
  • 1" diameter powder-coated steel tubing
  • 8' H x 5' W x 1'-3" D
  • Recommend staking 1' into the ground, leaving 7' above-ground height
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
Our tallest hoops will have you growing your garden to new heights! Standing 7' H installed, these hoops create a walk-in tunnel that's good for you and your plants.

Keep indeterminate tomatoes growing tall from early spring to late fall — or beyond! And with a generous 5' width, they can straddle your raised or in-ground bed with ease.

Use with our custom frost cover for cool-weather protection, or with our shade cloth to prevent heat damage at the height of summer. Covers sold separately.

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Super Hoops, Set of 6

Super Hoops, Set of 6 icon

Super Hoops Support Every Type of Garden Fabric and Shade Net

  • Use hoops to support garden row covers, protecting plants from frost, insects, birds, or intense sun
  • Create a DIY low tunnel or garden row hoop house
  • Choice of 2 styles: Super Hoops for new transplants and low-growing crops; High Rise Super Hoops for taller plants
  • Powder-coated flexible steel wire
  • Set of 6 hoops

Back by popular demand, these support hoops are customer and staff favorites. Made from two heavy-gauge wires joined by cross braces, they're easier to install than single hoops (no flopping!) and they support fabric, bird net and shade net better, too.

They're ideally suited for 3' wide raised beds. They may also be used in 4' wide beds as well as in-ground beds; for these situations we recommend using 10" Extra-Tall Earth Staples to secure the hoops, especially in soft ground and windy areas.

Super Hoops are 58" L and provide 14" headroom in a 3' wide bed — plenty of height for new transplants and low-growing crops.

Hi-Rise Super Hoops include two sets of Super Hoops with 12 inline connectors. They’re 116" L and provide 43" headroom in a 3' bed, enough height for all but the tallest crops. Be sure to order the wider width row cover material for the Hi-Rise setup.

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Adjustable Super Hoops, Set of 3

Adjustable Super Hoops, Set of 3

Unique Garden Fabric Support Hoops Grow with Your Plants

  • Supports a variety of fabrics and netting
  • Powder-coated steel, aluminum, steel, plastic
  • Each hoop is 135" L x 4" W when assembled
  • Set of 3 hoops
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive

Self-staking hoops anchor securely into the ground. Thumb screw at the base allows you to set hoops at the height you need, and raise them as plants grow.

Double-wire design makes a sturdy support for protective fabric. We recommend placing the hoops about 2 feet apart and combining with our Garden Quilt, All-Purpose or Summer Weight fabrics.

Also works well with bird, insect, or shade netting. When installed in a 4' wide bed, the highest point ranges from 44" to 62".

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Super Hoop Bases, Set of 6

Super Hoop Bases, Set of 6

Innovative Base Reinforces Your Existing Super Hoops

  • No tools needed
  • Thumb screw design
  • Self-staking
  • Set of 6 bases; hoops are sold separately
  • Kit adapts 3 complete Super Hoops or High-Rise Hoops (2 bases per hoop)
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive
This new system works with your existing Super Hoops or Hi-Rise Hoops giving them a firmer base. The metal tubes accept your wire hoops and hold them in place with thumb screws.

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