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Pound-In Edging

Pound-In Edging

Durable Landscape and Lawn Edging Installs in Minutes

This is the quickest, easiest system you'll find for defining an edge between your lawn and flower beds or garden.

Simply pound each interlocking piece into the ground with a rubber mallet; in most soils there's no need for cutting, trenching or tearing up sod. To turn a corner, just bend the sections to form the angle you need.

  • Create a well-defined edge in minutes
  • Gives a clean, finished look around plantings and garden beds
  • Choice of three heights: 4", 8" and 12"
  • Each set makes a 20' long edge
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Coco Fiber Edging

Coco Fiber Edging, 6” x 12’

Coco Fiber Edging Stops Weeds Better Than Bark Mulch

Some gardeners dislike plastic mulches, but want something more permanent and more effective than bark mulch.

This edging is made of coco fibers bonded with natural latex rubber. Anchored at the edges with Earth Staples, sold separately, they can be mowed over — no trimmer needed.

  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Permeable to water, air and nutrients
  • Lasts season after season
  • Can be used alone, or covered with mulch for a classic look
  • Ideal for edging flower beds, drives and walkways
  • Color varies due to the color variation in the raw coco fiber
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EasyFlex™ No Dig Edging, 50'

No-Dig Garden Edging Creates Tidy Borders
  • Create a polished, 1-1/2" high border
  • Installs on the soil surface; no digging needed
  • Perfect for keeping mulch contained
  • Made in USA

Use this easy-to-install edging to create a tidy border on garden beds, tree rings and walkways. Keeps mulch and gravel contained.

No-dig edging installs on the soil surface using the included spikes. Easy to bend into curves. 50' of edging, 16 spikes and two connectors.

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Pro Weed Mat, 3' x 50'

Pro Weed Mat, 3’ x 50’

Tear-Proof Mat Stops Weeds Between Rows
  • Professional-grade, woven polypropylene mulch prevents weed growth
  • Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots
  • Durable: you can walk on it, drag containers over it, even run a wheelbarrow over it without worry

Weeding between garden rows is tiresome work, and most mulches barely last a season, especially if you walk on them.

Now you can solve the problem the efficient, lasting way that professional nurseries do!

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Tree Edging Rings & Mulch Mats

Coco Fiber Tree Rings,

Coco Fiber Tree Rings, Set of 2

Coco Tree Mats Suppress Weeds Better than Bark Mulch

  • Lightweight and easy to work with; slips easily around a tree trunk
  • These rings last three years or more!
  • Permeable to water, air, and plant nutrients
  • Center hole is easily enlarged if needed
  • Color varies due to the color variation in the raw coco fiber
  • Choice of four sizes: 24", 36", 48", and 60"

If you're not diligent about replenishing bark mulch, it can start to look messy and start letting weeds through after just one season.

These thick mulch mats are made of tightly woven coconut fibers and durable natural latex, so they stop weeds for several seasons. They reduce string-trimming chores too, because you can mow right over them.

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Tree Rings, 36 inch

Tree Ring, 36”

Tree Ring Looks Tidy, Protects Tree from Damage by Mowers and Trimmers

  • Scatterproof 36" rubber mulch always looks crisp and neat
  • Suppresses weeds better than bark mulch
  • Protects tree trunk from string trimmer and lawn mower damage
This recycled rubber tree ring will never scatter, even when you run a mower over it. Unlike bark mulch, it doesn’t acidify the soil, and won’t need to be replaced each year.

The ring suppresses weeds while letting air and water reach tree roots. It also keeps mowers and trimmers away from trunks, preventing damage to bark. Slit allows easy placement around trunk.

Center hole can be cut with scissors to enlarge.

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Also available in 24" size:

Tree Rings, 24"