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Willow Fencing

Willow Fencingicon

Like traditional English fencing, this 5-foot tall Willow Fence is lightweight, long-lasting and pleasing to the eye.

We’ve reinforced it by weaving the supple willow branches with nearly invisible steel wire.

Simply attach to an existing chain-link fence or stakes (not included) to erect a attractive privacy fence in a few minutes.

  • Makes a beautiful garden backdrop and privacy screen
  • Willow is long-lasting and durable
  • Attaches to an existing fence or stakes (not included)
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Split-Bamboo Fencing

Split-Bamboo Fencingicon

Long-Lasting, Economical Split-Bamboo Fencing

Maintain your privacy or define an Asian-themed area of the garden with this handsome bamboo fencing.

Naturally durable bamboo cane is interwoven with galvanized wire for added strength.

  • Easily install a privacy fence in an afternoon!
  • Bamboo fence is the perfect complement to a Asian-style garden
  • Made of natural bamboo with galvanized wire
  • 2 heights available: 58" H and 39" H, both 13' L
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Bamboo Poles & Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo Poles & Bamboo Stakes

Naturally Strong, Naturally Beautiful Bamboo
  • Lightweight, long-lasting bamboo is ideal for supports and structures
  • A naturally beautiful landscape accent
  • Several sizes to choose from

Smart gardeners know bamboo is strong, lightweight, inexpensive, weathers well and lasts several seasons in the garden. With a few simple tools bamboo poles can be fashioned into fences, frames, arbors, trellises – any structure you can imagine.

#2 Bamboo (3' tall x approx. 3/8" diameter). Use as plant stakes and markers, or as supports for row covers and potted plants.
#4 Bamboo (5'10" tall x approx. 3/4" diameter). An all-purpose size, good for bean tepees and A-frames, trellises, pea fences, and as rails in decorative fencing.
#6 Bamboo (7' tall x approx. 3/4" diameter). Similar to #4, but taller, for larger plant supports, longer rails, and privacy fences (additional shipping cost for #6).

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Border Fences

Versatile Border Fencing in Three Heights
  • Easy-to-bend fencing defines borders
  • Use to support plants, keep pets out of beds
  • Choice of 3 heights to suit your garden
  • All heights are 32'-9" long
  • If used as fencing, 26" and 36" heights will require Fence Stakes, sold separately; both sizes of stakes are sold in sets of 3

You'll find dozens of uses for these border fences — as decorative garden edging, to support floppy flowers, to give vines a place to climb, to keep pets out of gardens. Made from dark green, PVC-coated, 1/16" wire that's easy to bend, easy to cut.

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Deer Fences

Deer Fences

Protect Your Whole Garden with Our 7-Foot Deer Fence

  • Strong deer netting mesh protects plants from hungry deer
  • Easy to install; simply attach to stakes or posts (not included)
  • The Easy-Up Lightweight Deer Fencing is also good for wrapping shrubs and saplings
  • Choose from two styles: the economical, Easy-Up Lightweight Fence or — for more serious or persistent problems — the Heavy-Duty Fence, which is five times heavier

These tough, polypropylene mesh deer fences can be attached to posts or stakes to create a quick, temporary deer fence. At the end of the season, you can just roll them back up again. UV-stabilized to last for years.

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Review from Nature of New England:

We use the heavy-duty version of this deer fencing for our vegetable garden. Although there are many deer in the area, we have not had any trouble with them getting through the fencing or jumping over it. We use metal U-style fence posts and this fencing is very easy to attach to them.