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Wood Thrush
(Hylocichla mustelina)

Wood Thrush
© Mike Danzenbaker
Wood Thrush Information

Length: 7.75 - 8"

Habitat: Nests in mature deciduous or mixed forests and their edges. Prefers damp woodlands with tall trees and a moderate to dense, shrubby understory. Also found in wooded residential areas and parks.

Diet: Insects and their larvae; spiders; other invertebrates including earthworms, snails, and sowbugs. Fruits and berries when they become available.
Wood Thrush ID TipsIdentification tips for the Wood Thrush
Song and calls of the Wood Thrush
Range Maps:
Wood Thrush Breeding Map Wood Thrush Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map           Winter Map (CBC)      
Additional Information:

Wood Thrush
Description, distribution, behavior, diet, reproduction, predators, lifespan, and conservation status. Includes photos and range map. (From Wikipedia)
Wood Thrush
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