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Wild Turkey
(Meleagris gallopavo)

Wild Turkey Information

Length: 36 - 49"
Habitat: Mature deciduous and mixed woodlands. In summer, frequents forest edges, forest clearings, and woodlands near agricultural areas. In winter, withdraws deep into the forest,

Photo © USFWS 
preferring areas with mast-producing
trees and some coniferous trees for roosting.
Diet: Herbaceous vegetation, including buds, leaves, stems, roots, and tubers; seeds, grains, mast such as acorns and beechnuts, wild fruits and berries, insects and spiders. Sometimes, snails and small amphibians.
Wild Turkey ID TipsIdentification tips for the Wild Turkey
Range Maps:
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Wild Turkey Breeding Map Wild Turkey Winter Map      USGS
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Additional information:
New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept.
Illustration of wild turkey, description, range and distribution, habits and habitat, and management info.



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