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Wild Turkey
(Meleagris gallopavo)

Wild Turkey
Photo © USFWS 
Wild Turkey Information

Length: 36 - 49"

Habitat: Mature deciduous and mixed woodlands. In summer, frequents forest edges, forest clearings, and woodlands near agricultural areas. In winter, withdraws deep into the forest,
preferring areas with mast-producing trees and some coniferous trees for roosting.

Diet: Herbaceous vegetation, including buds, leaves, stems, roots, and tubers; seeds, grains, mast such as acorns and beechnuts, wild fruits and berries, insects and spiders. Sometimes, snails and small amphibians.
Wild Turkey ID TipsIdentification tips for the Wild Turkey
Sounds of the Wild Turkey
Range Maps:
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Wild Turkey Breeding Map Wild Turkey Winter Map      USGS
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Additional information:
New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept.
Illustration of wild turkey, description, range and distribution, habits and habitat, and management info.
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