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(Catharus fuscescens)


Veery Information     
Length: 6.5 - 7.5"

Habitat: Nests in damp deciduous or mixed woodlands with dense understory; wooded swamps and lowlands; damp ravines.
Diet: Insects and their larvae;

Photo © Mike Danzenbaker
spiders; other invertebrates, Click to enlarge
including snails, earthworms, and sowbugs.
In the fall: fruits and
berries, such as blackberries,
spicebush berries, grapes, wild cherries, and dogwood berries.
Identification tips for the Veery
Range Map:
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           Veery Breeding Map USGS  
   Breeding Map         
Additional Information:
Birds in Forested Landscapes
Illustration of Veery, distribution, breeding habitat, conservation status, description, vocalizations, foraging strategy, behavior and displays, courtship, nesting, and diet of this bird.



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