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Snowy Owl
(Nyctea scandiaca)

Snowy Owl
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Snowy Owl Information

 20 - 27"

 In summer, Arctic tundra. In winter, open country such as marshes, coastal beaches, dunes, open fields, farmland, airports.

 In the Arctic, mostly lemmings. In New England, small mammals such as mice, voles, rats, rabbits, and squirrels. Also some birds, including ducks, shorebirds, and songbirds.
Identification tips for the Snowy Owl
Calls of the Snowy Owl
Range Map:
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         Snowy Owl Winter Map USGS                                             
      Winter Map (CBC)    
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Additional photos and information:
Range map, description, young, habitat, food and feeding, breeding, movements, and life span of this bird.

Mike Danzenbaker's Bird Photography
Photo of Snowy Owl (immature male).
Snowy Owl in Flight
Pat Gaines/USFWS



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