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Snow Goose
(Chen caerulescens)

Snow Goose Information
 25 - 31"


Breeding habitat:  Arctic tundra,
either along the coast or near lakes and rivers.

Winter habitat:  Saltwater marshes, freshwater marshes, agricultural land near water.

 Roots, leaves, and seeds of
Snow Geese
Photo © David Blevins
aquatic vegetation such as bulrushes, sedges,
and marsh grasses; tender shoots of grasses in
pastures and meadows; waste grains and wild berries.
Snow Goose ID TipsIdentification tips for the Snow Goose
Range Map:
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Snow Goose Breeding Map
Winter Map (CBC)           
Additional photos and information:

Aquatic Environments
Photo of Snow Goose, description, distribution, reproduction, ecology, behavior, vocalization.

Peter LaTourrette's Bird Photo Gallery
Photos of Snow Goose.



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