Sedge Wren

Sedge Wren

Sedge Wren
(Cistothorus platensis)

Order:  Passeriformes
Family:  Troglodytidae

Photo by Kelly Azar [CC ND 2.0]

Sedge Wren Information

Sedge Wren
Habitat, diet, feeding behavior, nesting, migration, and conservation status of this bird. Includes range map, photos, and songs and calls. (From Audubon Field Guide)

Sedge Wren
Taxonomy, description, distribution, habitat, behavior, vocalizations, diet, migration, and reproduction. Includes photos and range map. (From Wikipedia)

Sedge Wren
Photo, description, habitat, behavior, diet, nesting, migration status, and conservation status. Includes range map and song. (From BirdWeb)

  Song and calls of the Sedge Wren

  Identification tips for the Sedge Wren

Breeding Bird Survey Map,

Sedge Wren Breeding Map

(Image credit: USGS)

Range in New England

In New England, the Sedge Wren is only found during breeding season and in summer - most frequently in the northwestern portion of Vermont. This bird breeds very locally in the rest of the region.

Sightings Map from eBird

Year-round sightings of the Sedge Wren over the past 10 years (2009-2019)

Christmas Bird Count Map
Historical CBC Map from USGS