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Ruffed Grouse
(Bonasa umbellus)

Ruffed Grouse Information
Length: 16 - 19"
Habitat: Deciduous or mixed forests with some dense underbrush;
overgrown shrubby fields, old orchards, or brushy field edges. Favors early-stage forests such as those created by logging or forest fires.

Diet: Seeds, leaves, buds, catkins, and other vegetation; wild fruits,
berries, and nuts; some insects, spiders, small
Ruffed Grouse
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Ruffed Grouse ID TipsIdentification tips
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Range Map:
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Ruffed Grouse Breeding Map Ruffed Grouse Winter Map      USGS
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Additional Photos and Information:
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Photos of Ruffed Grouse, range, description, biology, habitat, population.
Canadian Wildlife Service
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