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Red-winged Blackbird
(Agelaius phoeniceus)

Red-winged Blackbird
Photo © Don DesJardin 
Red-winged Blackbird Information

Length: 7 - 9.5"

Habitat: Marshes; shrubby swamps; wet roadside ditches; overgrown weedy fields and hayfields.

During nonbreeding period: weed seeds and waste grains.

During breeding season: mostly insects, spiders, millipedes, and snails.

Also, some small fruits and berries when available.
Red-winged Blackbird ID TipsIdentification tips for the Red-winged Blackbird
Range Maps:
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Red-winged Blackbird Breeding Map Red-winged Blackbird Winter Map      USGS
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Photo of female Red-winged Blackbird



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