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Red-shouldered Hawk
(Buteo lineatus)

Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk Information

Length: 16 - 24"

Habitat: In the East, wooded edges of swamps and rivers, moist deciduous or mixed woodlands, bottomlands. Prefers habitat near open areas for hunting. Requires tall trees for nesting.

Small mammals such as voles, moles, mice, and squirrels; also, some rabbits; snakes, toads, frogs, lizards, crayfish, large insects, small birds.
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Red-shouldered Hawk Feather
Range Maps:
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R-S Hawk Breeding Map R-S Hawk Winter Map      USGS
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Additional Information:
Red-shouldered Hawk
Photo, description, nesting, voice, habitat, range, and diet of the Red-shouldered Hawk.
(From Birds of Oklahoma)
Red-shouldered Hawk in Flight
Red-shouldered Hawk in Flight
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