Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl
(Surnia ulula)

Order:  Strigiformes
Family:  Strigidae


Photo by Bram Keurs [CC 3.0]

Northern Hawk Owl Information

Length:  14 - 17"

Habitat:  Coniferous or mixed forests, forest edges, forest clearings. Edges of burned-over areas, clear-cuts, and open bogs. Prefers habitat near open areas for hunting.

Diet:  Small mammals such as mice, lemmings, voles, squirrels, and hares; birds up to the size of grouse; some insects.

  Song and calls of the Northern Hawk Owl

Additional Information

Northern Hawk Owl
Description, vocalization, distribution, habitat, breeding, diet, and conservation status. Includes photos and range map. (From Wikipedia)

Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl

Photo © Robert Royse

Northern Hawk Owl
Identification Tips

  • Wingspan: 33 inches
  • Diurnal, predatory bird
  • Large, rounded head
  • Yellow eyes
  • Pale facial disks with dark border
  • Dark brown upperparts with white spots
  • Dark barring on underparts
  • Long, barred tail
  • Sexes similar

(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)

Range Map from eBird

Year-round sightings of the Northern Hawk Owl over last 10 years