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Northern Harrier
(Circus cyaneus)

Male Northern Harrier
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Northern Harrier Information

Length: 16 - 24"

In the Northeast: Freshwater marshes, saltwater marshes, wet meadows, sloughs, swamps, open fields.
Requires open country for hunting.

Mostly small mammals such as voles, mice, shrews; also small rabbits; small birds, reptiles, amphibians, large insects.
Identification tips for the Northern Harrier
Calls of the Northern Harrier
Range Maps:
Northern Harrier Breeding Map Northern Harrier Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)     
Additional photos and information:

Wildscreen Arkive
Description, diet, breeding, range, habitat, threats, and conservation. Includes photos.

Photo of Northern Harrier (female)
From Peter LaTourrette's Bird Photo Gallery
Northern Harrier in Flight - Female
Northern Harrier - Female
Photo © David Blevins



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