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Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)

Great Horned Owl
Photo © David Blevins
Great Horned Owl Information

:  18 - 25"
Habitat:  Forests, open country, large woodlots, agricultural areas, streamsides, swamps, large suburban parks. Prefers woodlands with nearby open areas for hunting.
Diet:  Rabbits, hares, rodents (staples); other mammals such as opossums and skunks; ducks, grouse, pheasants, crows, songbirds; snakes, amphibians, insects
Identification tips
for the Great Horned Owl
Songs & calls of the Great Horned Owl
Range maps:
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Great Horned Owl Breeding Map Great Horned Owl Winter Map      
Breeding Map     Winter Map (CBC)    
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Additional photos and information:
Great Horned Owl
Range map, description, young, habitat, food and feeding, breeding, movements and life span of this bird. (From
Photo of Great Horned owl
By Mike Danzenbaker Bird Photography



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