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Gray Catbird
(Dumetella carolinensis)

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird Information

Length: 8 - 9.25 inches

Breeding Habitat: Dense thickets along woodland edges; overgrown fields with brushy areas; shrubby swamps; residential areas with shrubs or hedges. Avoids coniferous forests.

: Insects, such as beetles, grasshoppers, ants, flies, and caterpillars; spiders; fruits and berries, such as blackberries, elderberries, wild grapes, and wild cherries.

  Identification tips for the Gray Catbird
Gray Catbird Songs and calls Songs and calls of Gray Catbird

         Photo of Gray Catbird at Nest
Range Maps:
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Gray Catbird Breeding Map Gray Catbird Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map            Winter Map (CBC)       
Additional Information:

Gray Catbird
Photos, description, voice (including sound files), habitat, range, behavior, and similar species. (From Audubon)
Gray Catbird
Gray Catbird



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