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Eastern Towhee
(Pipilo erythrophthalmus)

Eastern Towhee
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Eastern Towhee Information

 7 - 8.5"

 Brushy woodland edges, open woodlands with shrubby understory, brushy clearings such as overgrown fields and pastures, thickets, shrubby parks.

 Insects such as caterpillars, ants, and beetles; spiders, snails, weed seeds, grass seeds, acorns, small fruits and berries.
Eastern Towhee ID TipsIdentification tips for the Eastern Towhee
Range Maps:
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Eastern Towhee Breeding Map Eastern Towhee Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)     
Additional photos and information:

Eastern Towhee
Detailed photos taken as the birds were banded. Description, range, nesting behavior, banding recoveries, and conservation status. (From Chipper Woods Bird Observatory)



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