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Eastern Phoebe
(Sayornis phoebe)

Eastern Phoebe
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Eastern Phoebe Information

Length:  5.5 - 7 "

Breeding Habitat:  Nests in farmyards, under bridges, in culverts, in rock outcroppings, and under eaves of buildings.

Nest site is located near semi-open woodlands or forest edges, often near running water.

Diet:  Flying insects including wasps, flying ants, and bees. Also spiders, millipedes, and ticks. Small fruits and seeds during the cooler months.

Identification tips:
  • Dark head and tail
  • Short, dark bill
  • Brownish-gray upperparts
  • Pale belly. More yellowish in the fall.
  • No eye ring
  • Wags its tail frequently
   Photo of Eastern Phoebe at Nest
Range Maps:
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Eastern Phoebe Breeding Map Eastern Phoebe Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)     
Additional Information:

Eastern Phoebe
Photos, description, similar species, sound, range, habitat, food, behavior, reproduction, and conservation status.
(From Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Eastern Phoebe



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