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Eastern Kingbird
(Tyrannus tyrannus)

Eastern Kingbird
Photo © Mike Danzenbaker
Eastern Kingbird Information

Length: 8 - 9"

Habitat: Open areas with scattered trees, forest edges, orchards, brushy edges of fields, roadsides; shrubby areas near streams, ponds, and lakes. Requires habitat with open spaces for flycatching and trees for nesting.

Diet: Mostly insects, including beetles, flies,
wasps, bees, and flying ants; also, wild fruits and berries.
Identification tips for Eastern Kingbird
Songs and calls of Eastern Kingbird
Range Maps:
Eastern Kingbird Breeding Map Eastern Kingbird Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)     
Additional information:
Eastern Kingbird
Description, diet, breeding, range, habitat, threats, and conservation. Includes photos. (From Wildscreen Arkive)



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