Eastern Coyote

Eastern Coyote

Eastern Coyote
(Canis latrans)

Order:  Carnivora
Family:  Canidae

Photo © Peter Weber

Eastern Coyote Information

The Eastern Coyote is much larger in size than the Western Coyote. The Eastern Coyote's appearance is similar to a German Shepard dog, but weighs much less. The coyote's thick fur makes it appear heavier than it is.

Eastern Coyote
Photo, description, taxonomy and evolution, range and distribution, and diet. (From Wikipedia)

Eastern Coyote
Information about the habitat of the Eastern Coyote and its diet, reproduction, and management. (From VT Fish and Wildlife Dept.)

Photos, geographic range, physical characteristics, food habits, reproduction, behavior, habitat and conservation information. (From Animal Diversity Web)


Eastern Coyote Howling

Eastern Coyote

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Coyote Pups

Coyote Pups

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Range in New England

The Eastern Coyote is found throughout New England.

Sounds of the Coyote

Coyotes howling and yipping

Coyote howling

Audio credits, Acoustic Atlas: Jennifer Jerrett, Jeff Rice [CC NC/ND 3.0]