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Common Nighthawk
(Chordeiles minor)

Common Nighthawk
© Mike Danzenbaker
Common Nighthawk Information

Length: 9 - 10"

Habitat: Open or semi-open habitats such as forest clearings, grasslands, farmland, burned-over areas, fields, and beaches. Also found in towns and cities.

Diet: Many species of flying insects, including
mosquitoes, beetles, flying ants, moths, and grasshoppers.
Identification tips for the Common Nighthawk
Sounds of the Common Nighthawk
Range Map:
Common Nighthawk Breeding Map USGS  
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Additional Information:

Common Nighthawk
Description, habitat, distribution, behavior, diet, reproduction, predators, lifespan, and conservation status. Includes photos and range map. (From Wikipedia)



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