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Cedar Waxwing
(Bombycilla cedrorum)

Cedar Waxwing
Credit: Bill Thompson/USFWS
Cedar Waxwing Information

Length: 6.5 - 8"

Habitat: Open woodlands, forest edges, streamsides, orchards, old fields, farmlands, residential areas. Berry bushes or fruit trees are a habitat requirement.

Diet: Many different wild fruits and berries, including cherries, juniper fruit, dogwood fruit, blackberries, viburnum fruit. Insects such as cankerworms, caterpillars, beetles, and ants. Tree sap and some flower petals.
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Cedar Waxwing Breeding Map Cedar Waxwing Winter Map      USGS
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Additional Information:
Cedar Waxwing
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(From Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Cedar Waxwing at Nest
Cedar Waxwing at Nest
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