Cape May Warbler

Cape May Warbler

Cape May Warbler
(Setophaga tigrina)

Order:  Passeriformes
Family:  Parulidae

Photo © Robert Royse

Cape May Warbler Information

Cape May Warbler
Description, habitat, diet, feeding behavior, nesting, range, migration, and breeding. Includes photo and song. (From Boreal Birds)

Cape May Warbler
Habitat, diet, feeding behavior, nesting, migration, and conservation status of this bird. Includes range map, photos, and songs and calls. (From Audubon Field Guide)

Cape May Warbler
Description, range, habitat, songs and calls, identification tips, and behavior. Includes photos, illustration with field marks, and range map. (From

  Song and calls of Cape May Warbler

  Identification tips for Cape May Warbler

Illustration of Cape May Warblers
(Male at top, Female at bottom)

By Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Breeding Bird Survey Map,

Cape May Warbler Breeding Map

(Image credit: USGS)

Range in New England

In New England, the Cape May Warbler breeds in all but the southernmost portion of Maine, in northern New Hampshire, and in northeastern Vermont.

This warbler is seen in migration throughout the region.

This bird winters primarily on islands in the Caribbean. It is an uncommon winter resident in southernmost Florida.

Winter Map from eBird

Sightings of the Cape May Warbler from Dec-Feb over the past 10 years (2009-2019)

Christmas Bird Count Map
Historical CBC Map from USGS