Boreal Owl

Boreal Owl

Boreal Owl
(Aegolius funereus)

Order:  Strigiformes
Family:  Strigidae

Photo © Martin Kubik

Boreal Owl Information

Length:  9 - 12"

Habitat:  Coniferous or mixed forests, forest edges, dense stands of aspen trees.

Diet:  Mainly small mammals such as voles, mice, shrews, and lemmings. Also insects and occasionally small birds.

  Songs and calls of the Boreal Owl

Additional photos and information

Boreal Owl
Description, voice, habitat, nesting, and diet. Includes photo. (From NH Fish & Game)

Boreal Owl


By Greg Schechter on Flickr, CC

Boreal Owl
Identification Tips

  • Wingspan: 24 inches
  • Small, nocturnal, predatory bird
  • Large, rounded head
  • Yellow eyes
  • Mostly pale facial disks with dark border
  • Pale bill
  • Dark brown upperparts with large white spots
  • Pale underparts with large, dark irregular streaks
  • Sexes similar

(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)

New England Range

The Boreal Owl is a rare winter visitor to New England.

Boreal Owl
Range Maps from Cornell

Boreal Owl year-round range

Includes separate map of sightings.