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Blue-winged Warbler
(Vermivora pinus)


Blue-winged Warbler Information
Length: 4.5 - 5"

Breeding Habitat:
Nests at forest edges, in forest clearings, at edges of wetlands, and in overgrown pastures.

Blue-winged Warbler
Photo © Robert Royse
Strong preference for habitat that includes dense, shrubby growth or dense thickets. Click to enlarge
Diet: Insects, especially caterpillars, beetles, ants, crickets, and grasshoppers; spiders.

Blue-winged Warbler ID TipsIdentification tips for Blue-winged Warbler

Range Map:
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         B-Winged Warbler Breeding Map USGS  
Breeding Map    
Additional Information:
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Photo, range map, description, sound file, range, habitat, food, behavior, reproduction, and conservation status of Blue-winged Warber.



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