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American Kestrel
(Falco sparverius)

American Kestrel
Photo © Don DesJardin
American Kestrel Information

Length: 9 - 12"

Habitat: Open and semi-open habitat including farmland, forest openings, marshes, and residential areas. Prefers habitat which has trees with existing nesting cavities. Requires high perches from which to hunt.

Insects, including grasshoppers, dragonflies, beetles, and caterpillars; small mammals such as voles and mice; small birds, frogs, lizards, small snakes.
American Kestrel ID TipsIdentification tips for the American Kestrel
Call of Red-tailed HawkCalls of the American Kestrel
Range Maps:
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American Kestrel Breeding Map American Kestrel Winter Map      USGS
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)     
Additional photos and information:

American Kestrel
Photos of this raptor, identifying characteristics, range, habitat, nesting, feeding habits, conservation status. (From The Raptor Center)

Female American Kestrel in flight
From The Virtual Birder
American Kestrel in Flight
American Kestrel in Flight
Photo courtesy of USFWS



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