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White-eyed Vireo Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Thick bill with hooked upper mandible
- Sexes similar
- White eye
- Yellow spectacles and dusky lores
- Two bold whitish wing bars
- Gray-olive head and olive back
- White underparts with yellow flanks
- Wings and tail dark; flight feathers edged yellow-olive,
  tertials edged white
- Blue-gray legs
- Juvenile differs from adult in having dark eyes and
  more yellow beneath.

Similar Species
Juvenile White-eyed Vireo can resemble Yellow-throated Vireo but has white throat. Bell's Vireo has broken eye ring, lacks yellow spectacles, usually shows fainter wing bars and has a dark eye as an adult.

Empidonax flycatchers can have an olive back, wing bars, and white underparts with yellow flanks, but lack spectacles and have dark eyes.
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