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Winter Squash Seeds

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Butternut Squash Seeds  

Squash, Winter, Autumn Glow   Squash, Winter, Autumn Glow - 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"This gorgeous gold-skinned squash also has variegated leaves, green spattered with yellow.

Compact 4' vines produce meal sized 8" fruit with delicious butternut flavor and texture."

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Squash, Winter, Burpee's Butterbush   Squash, Winter, Burpee's Butterbush - 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"Deep red-orange flesh is rich and delicious. Space-saving, bush-type plants grow only 3 ft long.

Each bears 4-5 butternut-shaped fruits averaging 1 1/2 lbs. A sweet staple and a great source of vitamin A.

Winter squash keeps for months and makes superb pie. Plant when soil is warm. For bush types, sow 3-4 seeds in groups (hills) spaced 6-8 ft apart. 25 seeds per packet, will plant 6 groups."

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Acorn Squash Seeds  

Squash, Winter, Acorn Table Queen   Squash, Winter, Acorn Table Queen - 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"Heirloom. A medium sized, acorn shaped, vining type with sweet golden yellow flesh turning more orange in storage.

Ribbed, dark green skin. Ready 85 days after sowing.

GARDEN HINTS: Leave on vine until fully mature. Gather before frost, leaving part of the stem attached to the fruit. Store for winter use at 45-55 deg. F in a dry place."

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Squash, Winter, Early Acorn Hybrid   Squash, Winter, Early Acorn Hybrid - 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"Early and space-saving! Bush type hybrids can be planted 3 ft apart. Productive plants bear 5 large, dark green fruits.

Orange-yellow flesh is sweet, nutty and has a smooth texture. Burpee bred. 25 seeds per packet, will plant 6 groups.

Proven tops for performance, flavor, and wide adaptability."

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Squash, Winter, Burpee's Bush Table Queen   Squash, Winter, Burpee's Bush Table Queen
- 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"Plants produce an abundance of green, deeply ribbed, acorn-shaped fruit that are 5" long and 4" wide.

Delicious, high quality flesh is orange. Ready to harvest about 80 days after seed is sown."

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Spaghetti Squash Seeds  

Squash, Goldetti   Squash, Goldetti - 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"High-yielding, big-flavored gold-skinned spaghetti squash with 4-6 pound fruit.

Cut in half length-wise and bake in 2" of water at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until water boils. Remove carefully, let cool, and scoop out seeds. Use fork to rake out "spaghetti". Toss with parmesan or serve with fresh sauce.

Space-saving semi-bush plants."

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Squash, Winter, Vegetable Spaghetti   Squash, Winter, Vegetable Spaghetti
- 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"Medium-sized, oblong fruits. Fruit interior ready for serving like spaghetti 100 days after seed is sown.

Can be stored several months in a cool, dry place.

CULINARY HINTS: Boil entire fruit about 20 minutes, open and remove seeds. Fluff flesh out of shell with a fork for spaghetti-like appearance. Serve with spaghetti sauce or season to taste."

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Other Squash Seeds  

Squash, Red Kuri   Squash, Red Kuri - 1 Pkt.

"This squash commands your attention on account of the fruits' color and succulent flesh.

'Red Kuri's magnificent bright scarlet tear-drop-shaped fruits are packed with dense flesh that's smashing roasted or in soups.

Generous plants produce large yields of 4-6 lb. fruits. 90-95 days."

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Squash, Delicata   Squash, Delicata - 1 Pkt.(15 Seeds)

"Introduced in 1891, Delicata's taste is remarkably similar to that of sweet potatoes, but is much easier to grow.

The vines produce plentiful cream-colored, green-striped oblong fruits, about 3" in diameter and 6" long. 100 days."

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Squash, Winter, Lakota   Squash, Winter, Lakota - 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)

"Heirloom. Plant breeders have recreated a stunning winter squash once prized by the Sioux but long lost to cultivation.

Lakota is as colorful as an Indian blanket with the fine baking quality of Hubbard. Fine-grained orange flesh is sweet and nutty.

Mature fruits are 8" x 9". 85-100 days."

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Squash, True Hubbard   Squash, True Hubbard - 1 Pkt.

"A classic market variety and American favorite, 'True Hubbard' has appeared in American gardens and been served on American tables since at least the 1780's.

Weighing about 12 lbs. each, the squash has delicious yellow-gold flesh and deep green skin.

The long-storing fruits are excellent in pies and soups. 115 days."

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