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Spinach, Melody Hybrid   Spinach, Melody Hybrid - 1 Pkt. (300 seeds)

"All-America Winner. Great for salads and cooking with big, thick, dark green ruffled leaves.

Large upright plants are very disease resistant. 42 days."

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Spinach, Avon Hybrid   Spinach, Avon Hybrid - 1 Pkt. (200 seeds)

"Hybrid Spinach. 44 days. Healthful, tasty spinach can be sown twice for extra yield.

Quick-growing, superb flavor. Large, tender, dark green, slightly crinkled leaves. Sun."

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Spinach, Giant 157 Hybrid   Spinach, Giant 157 Hybrid - 1 Pkt. (300 seeds)

"Extra-large, smooth and heavy leaves are easy to clean. Leaves are crisp when used fresh in salads and creamy-smooth when cooked.

Very productive. Grows best in cool weather and full to part sun. Grow as a spring or fall crop."

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Spinach, Double Choice Hybrid (Alf Chris C2-606)   Spinach, Double Choice Hybrid (Alf Chris C2-606) -
1 Pkt. (300 seeds)

"Healthy plants produce plenty of tender, smooth, dark-green leaves.

We find them perfect for both baby spinach when harvested young and still tender and mild when left in the garden for fully mature harvests.

Rust resistant for robust growth all season. "

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Spinach, Salad Fresh   Spinach, Salad Fresh - 1 Pkt. (300 seeds)

"This semi-Oriental grows fast to 8" long and 3" wide.

Withstands harsh weather for a long, high-yield growing season. Bolt tolerant."

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Spinach, Reddy Hybrid   Spinach, Reddy Hybrid - 1 Pkt. (300 seeds)

"Grow this surprisingly pretty spinach as a baby green to enjoy its highest nutritional value and beauty.

The vibrant red stalks and veins contrast nicely against the deep green of the arrow shaped leaves, adding more interest to your mix of salad greens.

Grows very fast too, from seed to table in just 40 days."

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Spinach, New Zealand   Spinach, New Zealand - 1 Pkt. (60 seeds)

"Produces small, fleshy green leaves till frost.

Yields long harvests as a perennial in mild climates. "

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