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Connecticut    Connecticut Field Pumpkin

HEIRLOOM. It is the original Halloween pumpkin and makes great pies too.

When the first settlers arrived in New England, native Americans were growing pumpkins that looked like this one among their corn.

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Early    Early Sweet Sugar Pie Pumpkin

The best for rich pumpkin pies.

The fine orange flesh of this favorite is the best for rich pumpkin pies. Easy to handle, at only 6-7 lb. each.

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Prizewinner    Prizewinner Hybrid Pumpkin

The colossal fruits are round and covered with smooth, glossy, bright red-orange skin.

This grows exhibition size pumpkins. The colossal fruits and round and covered with smooth, glossy, bright red-orange skin. A packet plants a 10-15' row. Burpee bred.

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Small    Small Sugar Pumpkin

HEIRLOOM. An older, smaller variety of the Connecticut Field pumpkin.

Small Sugar is even better for pies than its larger cousin Connecticut Field pumpkin.

When Mr. Burpee offered it in 1887 he said: "A very prolific and handsome little pumpkin; usual size about 10" in diameter; skin is a deep orange-yellow. It is very fine-grained, sweet and sugary, and keeps well."

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Jack    Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin

The best pumpkin for carving.

Excellent for Halloween carving and cooking. Pumpkins are medium sized, round to elongated in shape. It has a fine taste as well.

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Baby    Baby Bear Pumpkin

Customer Favorite!

Perfectly proportioned small pumpkins are 5 to 6" in diameter, 3.5 to 4" tall, with smooth, orange skins and solid, dark green stems.

Disease resistant. All-America Selections winner.

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Rouge    Rouge Vif d'Etampes Pumpkin

HEIRLOOM. This stunning scarlet pumpkin is what the artist who drew Cinderella's coach used as a model.

We introduced this pumpkin to America in 1883, but it had long been popular in France.

The fruits are slightly flattened, heavily ribbed and make wonderful autumn displays.

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