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Beet Seeds

Garden Shop > Garden Seeds > Beet Seeds
Beet,    Detroit Dark Red Med Top Beet

These perfectly round 3" beets have striking deep red flesh that's incredibly sweet.

Baby beets make excellent eating, and harvesting them helps promote the growth of the remaining beets.

When planting, mix beet seeds with fast-sprouting radish seeds to mark the rows.

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Burpee's    Burpee's Golden Beet

HEIRLOOM. A color breakthrough! When we introduced this savory golden beet in the 1940s, it won over gardeners who wanted a beet with a sweeter, milder flavor. Others just loved the inviting gold color.

Globes reach 2" across.

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Chioggia    Chioggia Beet

This is an Italian heirloom from the town of Chioggia, near Venice, and has been popular since the early 1800s.

It's beautiful and sweet flavored. Sliced roots look like bull's-eyes having concentric rings of white alternating with wine-red.

The green leaves are an excellent spinach substitute.

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Bull's    Bull's Blood Beet

HEIRLOOM. Bull's Blood has the reddest foliage we have ever seen. The earliest thinnings spark up spring and fall salads with a leaf color as richly dark red as radicchio.

As the roots enlarge, the baby beets are also delicious cooked and mixed with salad. The small sweet red roots are best when harvested young.

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Early    Early Wonder Beet

Sweet is the beet. When it comes to beets, the earlier the better. A dual-purpose beet, with sweet, early-producing, 3-4" roots and extra tall and flavorful tops for harvesting as greens

Cut the 18" tall greens, and use in lieu of spinach, kale or chard. Beets also freeze well, which is cool.

Since the roots develop and mature over an extended period, there's no need to successively sow seeds.

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Detroit    Detroit Supreme Beet

Detroit Supreme is an heirloom improvement of the variety Detroit Medium Top.

It has better disease resistance, smoother skin, and lovely blood red flesh with glossy green tops. It's a good "pick" for your garden.

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Burpee's    Burpee's Red Ball Beet

This is a classic Burpee bred variety with uniform roots 3" in diameter and smooth, deep red skin. It's been proven tops for productivity, flavor and wide adaptability.

Baby beets make excellent eating, and harvesting them helps the remaining beets grow better.

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Cylindra    Cylindra Beet

This beet is made for slicing!

A unique long and cylindrical beet gives 3 to 4 times more uniform slices than round beets. Sweet, dark red roots are 8" long, 1¾" across.

Growing hints: Baby beets make excellent eating, and harvesting them helps the remaining beets grow better.

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