Laughing Gull
(Larus atricilla)

Laughing Gull
Photo © Don DesJardin
Description, habitat, behavior, diet, and nesting. Includes photos and range map.

Animal Diversity Web
Photo, geographic range, physical characteristics, food habits, reproduction, behavior, habitat, and conservation.

Audubon Field Guide

Habitat, diet, feeding behavior, nesting, migration, and conservation status of this bird. Includes range map, photos, and songs and calls.
Identification tips for the Laughing Gull
Calls of the Laughing Gull
Range Maps:
Note: Although not shown on the breeding map below, the Laughing Gull does breed along the coast of New England. USGS has not yet updated their breeding map for this gull.
Laughing Gull Breeding Map Laughing Gull Winter Map
Breeding Map          Winter Map (CBC)     





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