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Killdeer Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Medium-sized, long-winged shorebird
- Short, fairly thick dark bill
- Legs flesh-colored
- Red eye ring
- White forehead and white stripe behind eye
- Brown face; black lores and upper borders to the
   white forehead and collar
- White collar
- Brown cap, back and wings
- White breast and belly
- Two black breast bands
- White wing stripe at the bases of the flight feathers
   is visible in flight
- Rust-red rump
- Brown tail with black subterminal band, white terminal
   band - and barred, white outer tail feathers
- Tail extends beyond wing tips at rest
- Sexes similar
- Juveniles similar to adult

Similar species
All other plovers lack the two black breastbands. Very young Killdeer have a single breastband and could be confused with Piping, Wilson's, Snowy or Semipalmated Plovers, but are usually still downy, have black bills (any Piping or Semipalmated Plover having a breastband will also have an orange bill with a black tip), and are colored above like the adult (eliminating the paler Piping and Snowy).
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