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American Woodcock Identification Tips
(Credit: U. S. Geological Survey)
General Information
- Dumpy, short-legged, short-tailed, rounded-winged
- Explosive takeoff when flushed, wings make twittering
   sound in flight
- Very long bill
- Very large, dark eye set high in head
- Buff-brown head, breast and belly buff to pale
- Black nape crossed by pale lines
- Dark eyeline and auricular stripe
- Gray-brown back, with black and chestnut feathering
   interspersed between two pale Vs
- Upperwings reddish-brown; underwings brown, with
   rusty wing linings
- Rusty rump; dark rectrices tipped gray/white
- Found in woodlands and shrubby fields
- Sexes similar
- Juvenile similar to adult

Similar species
Common Snipe is more slender and browner, without the crossbars on nape. In flight, the Common Snipe has much more pointed wings.
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