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Solar Lights

Garden Shop > Solar Lights
Superbright Solar Spotlight   Superbright Solar Spotlight icon

Our Superbright Solar Spotlights are not only brighter than any other solar lights on the market, they also outshine many low-voltage lights. Yet high light output is just part of the story.

These lights are superior in every way to the one-season lights you see elsewhere. The anodized aluminum housing is seamless and weather-tight, and won’t crack like plastic casing. The circuitry is soldered by hand, and every unit is tested before it leaves the factory.

We’ve also fitted them with new high-capacity batteries that keep them shining even after several cloudy days. Environmentally-friendly NiMH battery pack. 16 LEDs produce 18 times more light than competing models; LEDs never need replacing. Turns on automatically at dusk.

• Brilliant, solar-powered spotlight is bright enough to use as a floodlight
• Most durable, seamless, weatherproof solar spotlight on the market
• Mount on a wall, deck railing or in the ground (ground stake included)
• Lights from dusk to dawn on a full day's charge
• Easy to install; no wiring or extension cords needed

• Light casing is 5-1/2" L, panel is 6-3/4" square
• Light output is 90 lux measured at 4-foot distance (12.3 foot candles)
• Panel can be placed up to 15 ft away for optimal sun exposure

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Solar Path Lights   Solar Path Lights, Set of 2 icon

Solar lighting technology gets better every year, and these new lights are the best yet.

On the outside, the weatherproof stainless steel housing has a simple and classic design. Inside, behind thick, beveled glass, there are two extra-bright LED lights that automatically turn on at dusk, off at dawn.

High-capacity batteries keep the lights shining for up to ten hours. UV-stabilized solar panel on top won't yellow over time, guaranteeing a long life.

• Cordless path lights are perfect to mark a path or driveway
• Automatic sensor turns light on at dusk
• Charge in full sun
• Set of two
• Choice of Bronze or Brushed Stainless Steel

• Stainless steel and glass
• 5-1/2" in diameter at top x 21-1/2" H overall, including 6-1/2" stake
• Two super bright LED bulbs
• Monocrystalline solar panel
• High capacity NiCad rechargeable battery
• Runs up to 10 hours on a full charge

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Area Solar Spotlight   Area Solar Spotlight icon

Our Area Solar Light shines with 16 LEDs and is not only brighter than other solar lights on the market, it also outshines many low-voltage lights. Yet high light output is just part of the story.

This light is superior in every way to the cheaper ones you see elsewhere that last a single season, if you're lucky. Ours has a seamless, weather-tight, anodized aluminum housing (not the fragile plastic casings found on many lights) and the circuitry is soldered by hand. Every unit is tested before it leaves the factory.

This area light provides a wider angle of coverage than most spotlights.
The light turns on automatically at dusk, and runs up to 12 hours on a full day's charge.

It has high-capacity, long-lasting, earth-friendly NiMH batteries that keep it shining even after several cloudy days.

May be mounted on the lawn, on a deck or on a wall; the solar panel mounts separately so it can be positioned for optimal solar exposure — up to 15 feet away. LED bulbs never need replacing.

• Powered by the sun so it's easy to install; no wiring, no extension cords

• Anodized aluminum casing
• Light is 5-1/4" D x 5-1/4" W x 8-1/2" H installed
• Solar panel is 5" W x 7" L x 6" H installed
• Cord to solar panel is 15' L
• On/off switch on panel
• Includes 3 NiMH batteries
• Light fixture has up/down articulation
• Leave on for dusk-to-dawn operation

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Solar Motion Sensor Light    Solar Motion Sensor Light

Feel safer by illuminating your driveway, path or entryway with this motion-activated light. You'll appreciate the extra security you feel coming home after dark, or knowing when a visitor has arrived.

This super-bright light has eighty LEDs that turn on at dusk when motion is detected.

The light installs in minutes without any need for access to an electrical outlet. Install the solar panel where it will get the most sunlight, and mount the light itself up to 15' away.

There are three ways to adjust the light to suit your needs. You can adjust the light level required for the light to be activated to compensate for ambient lighting conditions. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector. And you can adjust the run time from 10 to 60 seconds once motion has stopped.

Durable brushed aluminum housing; crystalline solar panel.

• Brushed aluminum, plastic, wiring
• Light is 8" W x 9" H x 7" D overall
• Solar panel is 8-1/8" W x 6-1/4" H x 5" D
• Easy assembly
• Includes 6 mounting screws and anchors

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Northern Lights Sphere   Northern Lights Sphere icon

From red and gold to blue and green, this solar sphere cycles through a seven-color light fade night after night.

On a 6 to 8 hour charge, the show will last 12 hours or more. Group several to create your own Aurora Borealis! Place in full sun for optimum solar charging.

• Made of glass, steel and acrylic
• 3-1/2" diameter x 32" H installed
• Monocrystalline solar panel charges a NiCad battery
• Solar panel and battery pack built into steel stake
• Needs 6-8 hours direct sunlight to fully charge
• Fully waterproof and weatherproof
• Easy assembly
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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LED Solar Border Lights   LED Solar Border Lights icon

Solar LED Border String Lights Provide Gentle Illumination for Paths and Gardens

Arrange this string of bright, warm white LEDs along a path to create extra illumination, or place them in the garden to highlight a favorite plant.

Each light sits on its own short ground stake. String of 24 lights is 11' long, with 6" between lights.

• Lights add a delicate glow along walkways or garden borders
• Solar panel may be placed up to 6' away
• Place panel in full sun

• Plastic
• String of 24 lights is 11' L; 6" between lights
• Lights are 1-1/4" H installed
• Solar panel is 3" W x 7" H installed

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