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Medium Gardener's Supply Cart   Medium Gardener's Supply Cart icon

• Tough, long-lasting cart holds up to 400 pounds — as much as 8 wheelbarrows!
• Even weight distribution and big, pneumatic wheels make pushing and pulling easy
• End slides open for easy loading, unloading and dumping

For over 25 years, our garden carts have been a beloved tool of gardeners everywhere. That’s because they were designed specifically to meet the needs of gardeners, not adapted from an industrial utility cart.

The big pneumatic wheels roll easily over rough terrain. High sides prevent loose loads like mulch and compost from bouncing out. The axle is positioned to distribute the weight and balance the load.

The long handle lets you push or pull with equal ease and has a comfortable neoprene grip. Tough, rust-proof aluminum frame; end slides open for easy dumping.

Once you own one of our carts, it’s hard to imagine getting by without it. In fact, many of the original carts are still out there, working hard. Rated "Excellent" by a leading consumer magazine.

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Large Gardener's Supply Cart   Large Gardener's Supply Carticon

This is the same garden cart as the previous one, but with a larger capacity.

• Hauls up to 500 lbs.
• 66" L x 42-1/4" W x 30" H overall
• Cargo bed: 31-1-/4" W x 48" L x 15-7/8" D
• Rust-proof aluminum frame
• Comfortable foam grip
• Thick panels of 4-ply exterior grade plywood
• Ball-bearing wheels with pneumatic tires
• Sliding dump door with deep welded tracks
• Easy assembly
• Made in Vermont
• Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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Poly-Tough Cart: a Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow   Poly-Tough Cart: a Two-Wheel Wheelbarrowicon

• Rugged garden cart is stable and easy to maneuver
• Big, 20" pneumatic wheels roll easily over uneven ground
• Steel frame supports 300 lbs — yet weighs just 30 pounds!

Thanks to its center-mounted wheels, this rugged cart is stable and easy to maneuver, even when hauling loads up to 300 lbs.

Its unique design allows the front to tip all the way to the ground while the wheels stay put - that means you can scoop heavy stones or logs into the cart instead of lifting them.

The polyethylene 'tub' is great for mixing wet soil or cement, will never rust, and rinses clean in a jiffy. Choice of Black or Red.

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Little Mule Multi Cart     Little Mule Multi Cart icon

• Ingenious cart transports just about anything around your home and landscape
• Haul materials, lift rocks and pots, carry water jugs and propane tanks
• Quickly and easily converts between configurations
• A marvel of innovative engineering!

The little cart that could! This amazing, multi-function cart transports just about anything in and around your home, garden and landscape.

It quickly and easily converts from wheelbarrow to hand truck to dolly, locking into each position for safety.

It includes built-in features and accessories that let you fill leaf bags, carry propane tanks and 5-gal. water jugs, pick up rocks, transport heavy pots, haul firewood and move bags of mulch and soil.

Holds up to 4 cubic feet and 300 pounds. When you’re done, it hangs for compact storage.

Once you have a Little Mule Cart, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! Holds up to 4 cubic feet and 300 pounds.

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All-Terrain Landscaper's Wagon  

All-Terrain Landscaper's Wagon icon

• Move heavy plants and materials easily with this sturdy cart
• Sides fold down to form flatbed
• 8" pneumatic tires roll easily over rough terrain
• Woven poly liner attaches with locking grommets

Unlike flimsy look-alikes, this wagon is a real nursery workhorse. Made from heavy-duty steel mesh with crossbar supports, it's capable of hauling 550 pounds.

With loads like that, you'll appreciate the pneumatic tires for rolling easily over bumpy terrain — undersized plastic wheels just won't do.

The wagon bed sits just 11" off the ground and the sides fold down, minimizing lifting when loading and unloading. A woven poly liner lets you carry soils and other loose materials without spilling.

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